Transportation of liquids and fluids with wide range of consistence and viscosities. The pumps are self-priming up to 7 meters under their own level. There is a possibility for reversing according to the direction of the electric motor. They are supplied with device which is protecting from overloading of the outlet pressure. These pumps are with stainless steel corpus details.

Capacity: up to 26 m3/h
Head: up to 3 bar
Temperature: up to +85°C
Installed Power: up to 5.5 kW, 380(440)V, 50 (60) Hz
Material: AISI 304, NR (EPDM, NBR)


PP700: Mobile peristaltic pump with smooth capacity control.

PP710: Mobile peristaltic pump PP700 equipped with a receiving hopper and screw feeding device.

PP710D: Mobile peristaltic pump PP700 equipped with a reinforced hopper fitted with a screw feeding device and disintegrator.

PP700R: Peristaltic pump mounted on the frame.

PP700Vs: Peristaltic pump equipped with a vacuum system allowing work requiring high self- priming.