We are proud of the fact that by choosing Unitech for a partner, you get more than a machine, you get a complete solution, support and advice before, during and after the commissioning phase.

Our team is ready to take the challenge, at any time, to help the customer to choose the best product for his needs and to share our experience about planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, renovation and modernization.

Our flexible production technology allows subtract pump from our serial production, make modifications on it, include additional modules and options by customer individual requirements.

Because EVERY ONE of our products undergoes a series of tests and that we make an accurate “recipe” of the materials and details we incorporate, we can provide maximum exploitation, maintenance, spare parts and information in the long term.

For repairs, we replace the old pump components with our latest technical developments, which not only return it to working condition but also improve work and technical capabilities. It increases productivity and saves costs!

Today together we can begin the process of realization your projects by contacting us or send us an inquiry.

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