These pumps have the ability of a delicate straight-streaming transport of a wide range of liquids with or without solid fragments with viscosity up to 150 (250) Pa.s. These pumps suck from depth up to 6 meters under their own level. There is a possibility for reversing according to the direction of the electric motor.

Capacity: up to 60 m3/h
Head: up to 4 bar
Temperature: up to +85°C
Installed Power: up to 15 kW, 380(440)V, 50 (60) Hz
Material: AISI 304, NBR (EPDM)


PV310: Block pump directly joined to the shaft of the gearmotor.

PV310B: PV310 with a bypass connection with safety overflow valve.

PV310K: PV310 mounted on trolley with starter.

PV310Sch: PV310 with screw feeding device.