Transport of fluids with a viscosity up to 250 Pa.s. The aggregate consists of a screw pump with a receiving hopper and a screw feeding device.

Capacity: up to 60 m3/h
Head: up to 4 bar
Hopper’s Volume: 0,3 m3
Temperature: up to +85°C
Installed Power: up to 15.0 kW, 380(440)V, 50 (60) Hz
Material: AISI 304, NBR (EPDM)


PV300AV: Screw aggregate with rear mounted control panel.

PV300AS: Screw aggregate with front mounted control panel.

PV300AVH or PV300ASH: PV300AV or PV300AS, respectively, with increased capacity of the receiving hopper.

PV300AVMv or PV300ASMv: PV300AV or PV300AS, respectively, with the possibility of smooth mechanical capacity control.