Applicable for transportation of liquids without content of mechanical alloys in different areas of the food industry. These pumps have the ability to suck from depth up to 6 meters under their own level. There is a possibility for reversing according to the direction of the electric motor.

Capacity: up to 35 m3/h
Head: up to 1.5 bar
Temperature: up to +95 (120)°C
Installed Power: up to 11.0 kW, 380(440)V, 50 (60) Hz
Material: AISI 304


PVS200: Block pump directly joined to the shaft of the electric motor.

PVS200S: PVS200 with protective cover over the engine, standing on stainless steel feet.

PVS200Se: PVS200 with protective eccentric cover over the engine, standing on motor’s feet.

PVS200M1R: PVS200 with own geared body joined to the electric motor through a connector, mounted on a frame.

PVS200B: PVS200 with a bypass connection with safety overflow valve.

PVS200K: PVS200 mounted on trolley with starter.