Pumps of this type transport food, aggressive and other fluids pure from mechanical alloys. Find application in all areas of food, chemical, pharmaceutical and others industries, which requires specific hydro transport and exist similar conditions.

Capacity: up to 100 m3/h
Head: up to 5 bar
Temperature: up to +95 (120) °C
Installed Power: up to 11.0 kW, 380(440)V, 50 (60) Hz
Material: AISI 304


PC160: Block pump directly joined to the shaft of the electric motor.

PC160S: PC160 with protective cover over the engine, standing on stainless steel feet.

PC160Se: PC160 with protective eccentric cover over the engine, standing on motor’s feet.

PC160T: PC160 with cooling / heating jacket.

PC160V: PC160 with double mechanical seals.

PC160B: PC160 with a bypass connection with safety overflow valve.

PC160K: PC160 mounted on trolley with starter.

PC160M1R: PC160 with own geared body joined to the electric motor through a connector, mounted on a frame.